DENK Rechtsanwälte is specialising in advising and supporting shareholders and executive officers of medium-sized, family owned businesses on all aspects of:

Business succession  
Mergers & Acquisitions, corporate reorganisation  
Joint Ventures  
Company constutions (articles, by-laws), partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, general  
company law matters and joint ventures  
Stock exchange and capital markets  
Private Equity  
Corporate disputes  
Corporate finance and rating  
Setting up family offices  
Supervisory and advisory board matters  

DENK Rechtsanwälte provides its clients with efficient and focused solutions. Partly by cooperating closely and effectively with our network partners, we offer to our clients in-depth and comprehensive legal analyses, always on the basis of a very clear commercial understanding of the business. We are providing our clients, mostly companies, with the full range of legal services, always considering business and financial aspects. This enables us to offer tailor made strategies for M&A deals, exits and corporate finance issues such as rating, private equity and senior lending.


Advising our clients means to us building up a close and lasting working relationship for which we feel personally responsible.


DENK Rechtsanwälte is one of the very few law firms, specialising in M&A and consistently practising the "one face to the client" principle meaning that the partner in charge is your personal contact person during the entire transaction, also with respect to our network partners.


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